Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preview of LM at IDSA's National Conference Thursday Aug 5th

Tomorrow, Thursday, I will be presenting as one of the speakers at the IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) national conference.

This year at the conference should prove to be as exciting as ever because the theme is focusing on Do-It-Yourself Design (DIY Design) and whether it is a threat or an opportunity.

Of course, we wouldn't be in business at LM if we thought that it was a threat, but that also requires some explaining and a humble ear to listen to other points of view.

As a preview for the Vision Blog's readers, I will highlight the three topics that I am planning to cover tomorrow on stage. Feedback, is, as always, welcome.

1st: The evolution from Crowdsourcing to Co-creation. One of the Conference's 6 major discussion topics is "Crowdsourcing" and the focus will be to dissect the victories and failures in this new field. We are going to try to further the discussion by exploring how, for LM, there has been less "sourcing" and more collaboration.

2nd: The 3 major successes (and soon 4) on the Rally Fighter project where we have moved full circle through the co-creation mill. a) the Car itself, b) the side vent on the quarter panel, c) the skin competitions.... and soon d) the interior inspiration. These successes are the proof in the pudding of our way of designing and creating, and they will speak for themselves, I expect.

3rd: The Future of DIY builds and Mods at LM's first microfactory. What would a talk be today without highlighting America's first ever automotive micro-factory, where customers come to build there own car? We just opened the doors in Phoenix to the tune of 400+ guests, now is the time to talk about what it means....DIY will never be the same.

Guaranteed there will be more to discuss and to fill in, but join us as we take on the challenge of "Threat or Opportunity" in Portland this summer. It is guaranteed to be lively.


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