Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to Sarah Stokes - Local Motors HEAD of SALES

Well it is official. Local Motors is now selling cars (43 to be precise so far), and Sarah Stokes is at the head of that train, leading new desert racers to the finish line with wit and excitement.

Joining from an illustrious career at Boston Consulting Group and formerly in the United States Marine Corp, Sarah brings a passion for the road like few before her. She is engaged and charmed by the intensity that enthusiasts bring to every automotive passion from Airstream Trailers (of which she owns 2) to cool Jeep CJ's (in which she plied her first tracks to school).

Oh and if it was not fate enough, Sarah's Grandfather used to Hill Climb Indian's. This is FOR REAL!

Give her a shout out at and ask her to bring the Rally Fighter to see you in your neck of the woods. She will have it on the road for Jan and Feb. Normally she, her husband, Kealoha "Stokes" Stokes, and their dog Skillet call the desert of 29 Palms, CA home. He is one of our god-fearing Marine Captains, and God bless Marines!

Welcome Sarah, we are so proud to have you aboard.


Ari said...

Welcome, Sarah!! We're so glad you've joined!

Matt Johnston said...


Yoav said...

Welcome Sarah ;) Nice milestone for LM!

Ronnie Hettig said...

Hi Sarah; I have lived in Yucca Valley since 1964 and it's nice to hear you call 29 Palms home. Would love to see the rally fighter and if it comes to this area please let me know. I am on the list.

sstokes said...

Thanks all! Hi Ronnie, your YV address jumped out at me too. So good to hear from you; resending an email to your aol address now. We will be near you in January (Laughlin Jan 15 - 17, then Scottsdale, then driving to Irvine around Friday Jan 22nd) If you aren't in Laughlin, we will definitely swing the car through Yucca if you are around on the 22nd.
Thanks again everyone...having a blast.

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Tim and Kristin said...


Exciting news! Bring that Rally Fighter to Chicago. All the best to you and Stokes (male-type). Enjoy the Stumps (again).

Tim O'Rourke

Sarah S said...

Tim! Hi! Ari lives in Chicago - she's the best. Do you know her already? She'll keep yall posted on the RF. I'm about to switch to gmail to your HBS address. Miss you guys. SS

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