Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Franchising in the Future - The Pysical API

Snarkmarket broke a story that FastCompany then spun in their coverage. The General gist is taking a close look at the "Franchise of the Future" and how a few cutting edge Companies (aka Starbucks are thinking less about their core brand and more about specialization tied to a strong back end. AKA a Physical API.

In our Micro-Factory concept where each unit is independently branded but tied to a network of others by an ethos of exciting, sustainable car manufacturetailing (no, not a typo), we have been promoting this Physical API concept for the last 2 years.

Not to claim first mover word rights, just so stoked to see others also embracing this concept.

If you are still confused as to what I am crowing on about, no worries, I suppose that you would first want to know what an API is.

Here ya go.

But all of the tech-focused speak could probably even be avoided by saying, it is a way for established corporations to allow others' visitors to plug into their service easily and often for free from their own sites.

Said in the physical is allowing unbranded customer touchpoints to operate using a strong well-organized back-end fronted with a hip, counter-culture image.... ooohhh, the discerning counter-culturalist is finally being served up a challenge.