Thursday, July 9, 2009

1930 - When design ruled and American cars were to be admired

Today I fell in love with another car. Here is a taste:

My 1994 former Viper RT/10, My 1971 280SL, the Bugatti Type 57 Atalante, the Ford GTX-1, the Lambo LM002, these have been some of the members of my fantasy which today I added another member.

452 cubic inches (7.2 liters), V16, powered, 1930 Cadillac Roadster.

A "Playboy's Car" in the Truest sense.

Turned polished dash, dual vacuum-assist fuel pumps, Golf Bag cubby, oak canopy struts, Running board puddle lamps, Triple fender steps, porcelain hood emblem, Rumble seat that could seat an elephant, articulating front lamps, and dashboard lights of stainless bullets. These are just a few of the elegant features.

But it is perhaps the body work and fenders that go on for MILES that made me fall hardest. This is a car who is from an era when design was alive and American cars truly were at their zenith. There was, at the time, nothing that an automotive connoisseur could have desired more. No excuses, no embellishments, this was the pinnacle.

We have lost that in this country - it is almost too obvious to even point that out - but one visit to a car like this, and I am doubly determined to bring it back responsibly.

A recent friend of mine, bought this in Florida several years ago and has had it lovingly restored.

And if seeing is not believing, then perhaps you will get the vibe when it is cranked over! It has been said that the only thing you should hear when a Cadillac V16 is running is the sound of the fan blowing air into the carburetor air horns. Judge for yourself...


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Singapore Property Cleaning offer the top quality in washing services and guaranteed your satisfation. We provide you with a variety of products and services including: residential house washing maintenance, move in & move outs, seasonal cleaning, eco-real estate, vacation rental fees, light development clean-up, and commercial homes including business office cleaning. We organised 1000s of houses every sole day, but when jooxie is cleaning yours, it is the only home we stress about. The home the brass, the water piping, the silver, the woodwork - it every lights and, what's considerably considerably more, it feels clean!شركة نظافة في الرياض
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Choose an organization that provides all the services you require at the right price. With maid companies from Merry Maids of Red Deer, you'll go back to more a tidy house. A few of my homes need linen service, thus i basically is washing and becoming dry bed sheets while My spouse and i are cleaning. All of us use organic chemicals with carbon-dioxide which gets deconstructed easily and doesn't produce odor, thereby leaving the premises feeling fresher and dirt free. Under our guarantee, it is possible to call your regional Maid Right owner/operator inside twenty four hours of any kind of clean to record a service shortcoming.اسعار تنظيف الفلل الجديدة
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To begin a cleaning business by yourself as the only employee, would you have to declare and register the business like a legitimate business. A washing assistance has a whole crew of people in their disposal, so presently generally there are usually backups offered. With dust being a major factor in this sort of region, cleaning windows substantially can be quite a burden, especially if the windows are long and encountered with dust and polluting of the environment all day every time. Maid Brigade takes green cleaning very seriously.شركة غسيل سجاد بالرياض
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