Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great Car Fun Had this Weekend - and the Pictures to prove it

As promised, the Rogers family was to be found at the 12th Annual Factory Five Open House this weekend.

Good times were had by all. It is amazing that in this economy and in these days of automotive turmoil. Fans came, purchased gear, cavorted with friends old and new, and the spirit of real American automotive proved alive and well.

Hope you will join us at the next Burgers, Cars, and Welding (July 10 at 5pm) where we uncork this spirit every month. If you want an invite email us (contact on the website).

(Dad and the Boys getting ready for some taken by Mom)

(What we saw as we came over the hill)

(Cars everywhere)

(and people loving those cars)

(and people buying car parts to take back home and use with care)

(fun shirts)

(of course car seats so kids can ride too....this is what it is all about)

(my personal favorite paint job)

(from another angle - called "Black and Tan")

(The author's wife talking to Butch, our friend, and one of the latest Factory Five GTM builders)

(other builds)

(and long special builds)

(as seen from the rear)

(the latest FFR model on display)


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