Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The field is dividing - Maya - Riversimple - Local Motors


Today ExxonMobile in concert with Electrovaya announced the introduction of a low-speed, 2 seat, electric car called the Maya 300 which is due out by 2011 and will get 120 miles on an 8-10 hour charge.

(Maya from


Recently a non-profit cooperative between private citizens, private companies, and the UK government has introduced a lightweight, two seat, hydrogen fuel-cell, capacitor boosted, personal mobility leased vehicle, Riversimple, that will never be for sale but available for leased used.

Local Motors:

2009 will see the introduction of the strongest, lightest, safest, and sexiest vehicle every to be conceived of a crowd. The Rally Fighter runs clean diesel, will get 40+mpg, carry 4 adults, and fly at high speeds across the roughest desert terrain...and that is just the first of hundreds of styles and models that you can own, build, mod, and fetish over.

Let's recap, because these are actually highly divergent concepts that may be the future of the market.

Maya: Lowest cost, neighborhood vehicle, will not meet US highway regulations, will probably not try to. Mass production of one single style. You can own and make it your own. It will not change quickly.

Riversimple: Small but expensive (for a long time into the future, that is if you could own it), dependent on a future hydrogen economy. You cannot ever call it your own, as you merely steward it before it goes to the next person. Style has no place in this equation as this is purely utilitarian. Very handy, and very plain.

Local Motors: Style, personalization, and the latest technology available today, always. Serviceable, available, made just in time, irresistable. Not Mass market, many niche markets.

Mass v Style. Future v Now. Practical v Desirable. Green vs Green. New vs New.


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