Friday, May 8, 2009

Welcome to LM's world of Engineering Education

A new thing has happened in the Local Motors Glossary overnight.

While the world was asleep, the newest member of our Engineering Team, Alex Leopold, has been feverishly updating the glossary to include a trove of information about automotive suspension. A seemingly insignificant upload in the world of information, but on a site like Local Motors, this sharing of easily digestible information is a hallmark of what we do.

Our goal in life (and in business) is to make it friendly to learn stuff about cars. Many of us want to know more about the subject, but for many reasons (mean teachers, complex diagrams, lengthy descriptions) have not been able to scratch that itch.

Now with the work that Alex has done, Local Motors is beginning to make this learning possible.

None of this would be possible without the passion and the dedication of Chris Longhorst. Chris is a autophile and a great teacher. Over the years he has created a trove of information on and it has grown and grown. When we found it, even our core engineering folks were blown away with the detail. So with Chris's permission we are providing snippits on the Local Motors site. For the full monty and much more of Chris' work, we also provide a simple link to head to CarBibles directly.

Check it out. Go to the Local Motors Glossary and look in the right column for the

And make sure to send Chris a note ( telling him you found him right here on Local Motors. He deserves it.

Now enjoy and share your new-found knowledge... I never knew I cared so much about Moulton Rubber Suspension, but now that I know Dr. Moulton, its inventor, was an original member of the Mini design team, I am indeed smarter, and can now hang out at Mini-Rally's...Well at least try to:)

Watch this blog for more engineering updates, coming soon, courtesy of Local Motors.