Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now in a league of 7 - Youngest but hungry!

Today unveiled its next cover story about America's Gold Rush to be found embedded in the next car industry.

In short, the author Joann Muller profiles 7 Companies at the forefront of innovation.







Local Motors

By far the youngest of the bunch, (we are only 1 year into the game), Local Motors is touted by Muller to bring the "most unorthodox approach to the market". In short, I am pleased with such placement because it makes clear that we are bringing a different business model to the table -- Micro-Factory production.

Though I am a huge fan of each of my co-opetitors, Bright, Fisker, Carbon, Aptera, Miles, and Tesla all promise a new car as their vanguard, whereas, Local Motors delivers a new path to market with the cars to back it up.

Check out our Rally Fighter:

Designed in 18 months for under $2MM, tailored to the American Southwest, and built in micro-factories with the customer taking part, this sexy, efficient vehicle is a far cry from Fisker's 3 year, $300million, Swedish built, dealership-sold BMW-fighter. By the time Fisker moves on to model number two, Local Motors will already have a growing customer base and network of micro-factories with a variety of models. Do the math, at $2MM per model line, $300million could yield 150 new models.

With all the new technology coming to market day by day and battery technology in constant revolution, don't we deserve a car company like Dell was to Compaq, a company who is prepared to put the latest technology to work at a moment's notice? We think so, and so we have built Local Motors.

Check us out in the upcoming issue of Forbes Magazine in early June, and watch the video interview now.


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