Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Local Plates - A little bit of history to break free from the tyranny of 12x6

Since 1957, in the United States, we have all gotten pretty used to this sight of the standard American 12"x6" license plate (in various state configurations):

Made of stamped steel, and usually crafted by prison inmates, the plate is a fixture and a relatively unremarkable thing despite the various colors and images that have emerged over the years.

And then there is Delaware.

For this small state, there is an historic type of plate that is still issued if you are so inclined, and that is the state's 5.25"x9.5" ceramic or porcelain tag. Just a couple of days ago I saw one out on the MA roads and I thought I would note it in the Vision Blog.

Such vignettes of regulatory difference are often the stuff of automotive legend. I wonder who will be the first Delaware resident to put one of these shiny black plates on a Local Motors vehicle?


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