Sunday, May 3, 2009

A little piece of personal family automotive history to transcend time

Two nights ago, my Father was walking down the street and snapped a pic of a resplendent 1946/7 Convertible Cadillac that was parked on the street where my parents live.

Dagmar front bumper, tan soft top, sumptuous leather bench seats, and a prow that pushed this landship through the history books of design......

This V8 powered, Harley Earl masterpiece is worth photographing by itself, but what made this particular vehicle type special to my father is that he remembered it as the car model his father bought his mother when she had her fourth and final baby boy, my Uncle Bill.


Dad remembered this so strongly as the oldest brother, that he snapped this pic 62 years after the event and sent it off to all his younger brothers by email retelling the story of the gift as if it happened last week.

I wonder, 62 years from now, would anyone take a picture of an iphone spotted "in the wild" and send it around as the thing that reminded that person of the "happiest days"....maybe, but something about cars lends that extra special characteristic of nostalgia.

Someday Local Motors will be adored in that pantheon of happily remembered classics. In the meantime, let's enjoy the driving.


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