Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Late night Crowdsourcing at BU

Tonight, I was lucky enough to be part of a great panel on crowdsourcing hosted by BU Entrepreneurs and UltraLightStartups. Eric and Alex (respectively) did a phenomenal job bringing a 150+person crowd to the BU management center to attend the event, and we covered the gamut.
Here was the panel.

  • Doron Reuveni, CEO & Co-Founder of uTest [Crowdsourced Software/Application Testing]
  • yours truly
  • Jay Batson, Co-Founder of Acquia [Open Source Drupal]
  • Peter LaMotte, Director of Marketing for GeniusRocket [Crowdsourced marketing and advertising collateral]
Each brought a definite different flavor, but one thing was clear. Crowdsourcing is in full swing and best-practices are being developed to exploit opportunity at almost every turn.

Know you crowd and know your customer.

Remember that the crowd is a stakeholder as much as you client.

Pay cash or Pay in street cred, but pay the ones who care and especially those who care and are good.

Manage content with respect.

Community is WAY more than an internet group. It is all around us.

I am still reeling from all the learning, but all that I have already internalized is already going into action tomorrow. I feel on the cusp of a revolution even after 2 years.

(Peter, Doron, Me, and Jay)


Unknown said...

Yes, the entire panel was great, but you exhibited by far the greatest passion and clearest vision (of course, that opinion & $2 will buy you a coffee at Starbucks).

I look forward to watching you create a successful automobile company here in New England!

-- Ironically, my mother's family used to be in cars... ever hear of the Lozier Motor Company? They're quite valuable if you still have one [circa 1910] I'm not so lucky ;-)

Peter L. said...

John, it was a real pleasure to be on the panel with you, Doron, and Jay. Your passion for crowdsourcing and the vision you have for its ability to revolutionize an industry was inspiring.

I wish you nothing but massive success with Local Motors.

Hopefully when GeniusRocket takes off I will make that 30 minute drive to a DC area Local Motors, so I can design and eventually drive off in my very own Rally Fighter!

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