Monday, April 27, 2009

Tomorrow - a very big day on

1 – A New Home Page

2 – A New “Buy” Page

3 – A New content management system behind the scenes which significantly improves our speed of announcement and news management

This new home page, which itself was originally crowd-sourced from the online community at is clarity embodied.

Design - Buy - Build

You will recognize the Design Portal as the place in which the original design competitions were born and took wing. This has basically been the front end of our site for the last 12 months as we gave life to the idea of bringing together a global community to contribute and to develop automotive design. After a great deal of respectable usage as a home page it is now time for this portal to take its rightful place as just one of the 3 primary touch-points or destinations in the broader Local Motors on-line experience.

Buy is the Portal where you will soon be able to get in line to be a part of the most exciting automotive experience anywhere. As we get this page up and running, come here to view videos of new features and attributes.

Build is the place where people come to share their amazing stories of working on a build project and becoming part of the soul of a car.

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Yoav said...

Looking forward to it ;)