Monday, April 6, 2009

One day left for voting and commenting on Carolina Motors

There is one day left and all the world is a buzz for Carolina Motors.

Voting ends 2359 (EST -4UTC) on Tuesday night April 7th.

Thousands of votes have been cast and critiques have been made for the entries that have flown in from around the globe.

Between the six race teams all vying for recognition there are many choices.

If you have not, cast a vote. Even better, make a comment.

Here are a few to whet your appetite.

(Image courtesy of Sam BR, LM Community Member)

(Image courtesy of Dunders, LM Community Member)

(Image courtesy of Y-One, LM Community Member)

In the meantime, in other news, the Rally Fighter is continuing apace and cries are being heard from all corners of our community to share action shots. I believe we will end up making some soon, but other members of the community have always shown us that they can do it better and faster. We will see who makes it there first. Either way, they will be fun to look at.

KEKOEV caught some of our community in Europe making their opinions known. :)

(Image courtesy of KEKOEV, LM Community Member)


Jorge said...

Down here in Texas we can't wait for the Rally Fighter and a LM design competition

Bentley Boy said...

Yeah - bring on the big Texas - time to get up under the friday night lights and rush the field with some awesome Lone Star State designs that embody that larger-than-life swagger of the wild west mavericks that made it the proud state it is! Anyone say Dallas?!