Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BoingBoing - A Directory of Wonderful Things

Have you ever visited BoingBoing?

As its tagline proposes - It is a "Directory of Wonderful Things".

The contributors Cory, Mark, David, Xeni, and John compile a fresh and freestyle intro to all things new and wonderful in the world.

I was tipped off to this site by a friend and when I went on saw an interview by their reporter, , detailing the progress of Techshop, by co-editor, Xeni Jardin (say: /SHEH-nee zhar-DAN/).

Techshop is also a Local Motors kind of place, so I thought that both of these were worth detailing in the Vision blog. From time to time, I find deep pockets of marvelous "build-it" content on the web or in the world, and they are always worth detailing.

Last year, we opened our subscription to Make magazine which is just such a pocket of content. Today it is BoingBoing and Techshop all in one day.

It is just such type of raw and exciting content that makes our Detroit competition come alive. People who make stuff in places like Techshop or entrepreneurs like those at Intellegentsia, deserve to have a car that is worthy of their time and passion.

I hope you will check out these two links and channel their energy when thinking about our competition that opens for submission TODAY!

Go Techshop!

Go BoingBoing!

Go Detroit!

Go Local!


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