Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Weekend for Local Exposure Radio and Expo

On Friday night, we recorded our first radio broadcast when I went on the Jordan Rich show at midnight on WBZ 1030 AM. Faced off against Larry and Scott Rubenstein, ASE Master Mechanics and long-time owners of Rte 1 Auto Service in Peabody and Jordan Rich himself, I was pretty nervous. In the end though, Rich was a consummate gentleman and the Rubenstein brothers could not have been more excited about the entire idea of Local Motors. If we get a recording, I will be sure to post it. What a great night. My family stayed up late to hear me on AM, I was flattered, and felt very strange hearing my own voice on air.

Then on Saturday I was a panelist at the Down 2 Earth expo in Boston at the Hynes Convetion center. Since I listed the participants in my last blog, I thought I would jump right to the recording so that you could watch the LM show in action. After this type of local sustainability-focused conference, I was convinced that such a show was every bit the rght way to announce Local Motors to a local environment. Reason being, there are no other car companies that would dare come to a local expo, because they are anything but local. Free from any competitive shopping option, this would be a great place to introduce the LM product and experience.

Hope you enjoy, we did,


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