Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another First - UStream Video Chat to set the Standard for the Next Competition - Detroit Motors

This evening some of the die-hards in the community joined us for a live video chat where we discussed many of the ideas on hand for what to achieve in the Detroit Motors competition.

A thousand thanks for those of you that took your time and shared your thoughts (Kres, Kewlrats, speedracer, Julian, stingraystudios, Ari, Aurel, and several who remain unnamed).

For some tips as to what we discussed, watch the video below. From Detroit, to signature apparel, to prints, to toys, we covered a lot.

The video is watching me talking live in video to the community. They are typing their thoughts, and I am responding to their ideas and questions. This means that you are watching one side of a two-way dialogue, but you ought to be able to get the idea easily of where the discussion in going! Next time, I will record the chat transcript and include it as part of the blog.


This is going to be the best competition yet. I love this community. The future of automotive!