Monday, March 16, 2009

Word is taking root

Today I heard from three different touch points who have been following the Local Motors story without our ever knowing them or contacting them in the past. Check it out!

D2E - Down to Earth ("D2E") is a Boston Area Conference held at the Hynes Convention Center in the Spring. It hosts all things for a sustainable life. This year they are featuring a main panel on sustainable automotive, and the organizers reached out to their network to solicit names of those that they thought ought to be invited. As it turns out, the most popular name that kept coming up was Local Motors...and this recommendation from people whom I have never met or contacted in the past. I have agreed to be a panelist on Sunday April 5th at 1130 in the Main Hall. (Announcement is forthcoming on the D2E website).

New England Business Bulletin - A man, whom I did not know, walked up to me at my church and handed me a paper. He said, "when I read the story, I thought 'I think that is the guy I have seen at church....and it WAS! Here is the paper, I saved it for you'" So Cool, that I have such considerate fellow town members. Even more cool that they remember Local Motors.

Achates Power - This one really blows me away. A man who founded this revolutionary new diesel combustion company in San Diego, was learning about Local Motors and recognized that he knew my Mother from 40 years ago when she was living in Key West and working at a Naval Ordinance Unit. We had been following Achates ourselves and wondering when we would have a good opportunity to get introduced to the founding team.....guess that took care of itself! He just reached out to me through my mother, and we are going to meet on my next trip to San Diego.

It is a small world after all, and we are eternally grateful for the magical word "of mouth" that has been passing on our message.

Hope to see you all in a Rally Fighter come the Fall.


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