Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Local-Motors is 1!

And what has happened on this first birthday:

Started in Phoenix to look at a potential first Micro-Factory location. This time last year, just getting settled in Wareham, MA.

Stopped in SF riding in a TH!NK city (video tomorrow) and reflected on how they are in bankruptcy. This time last year, TH!NK was a giant in the startup industry.

In Mountain View looking at a new battery pack supplier. This time last year, didn't even know what kind of car we would build or powerplant we would use.

Passed 2232 active users and 27,700 unique designs. This time last year, 0 active users and 0 designs. UNBELIEVABLE and humbled by our community.

Ended the night on the way to San Diego to visit our shock supplier, SoCal engineering team, and 2 engine companies. This time last year, none of those existed. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.

Had a twitter carchat with Jason Castriota and LM and the community hosted by Michael Banovsky. Think about this. Jason is now director at Stile Bertone, and LM is in 121 countries around the globe with an infectious car design and development strategy. This time last year, Jason was considering what to do with life, and we were in 0 countries.

This exists now in all our hearts. This time last year, it didn't.

Today is a day to reflect on all that our community has achieved and to thank our team for all that they have sacrificed and done. Bravo. Here's to March 2010! See you then with another recap.


Unknown said...

AMAZING. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOCAL MOTORS! Such a productive year, so much growth!

Victor Uribe said...

happy birthday guys!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday for all LM members around the world, and especially to the people ho created this amazing car design communit, John Rogers, Jeff jones,Dave Riha and Mike Pisani, Danny kim, Kingfish Media, Tim and Andy, Ben Messmer and Our lovelly Ariel! Thank you so much for all! and congratulations!!! My very very best wishes for Local motors! this is the First of so many years of Design and passion and inovation! GO LOCAL!!!

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