Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Huge Step Forward in Car Development

Today the Local Motors community tied together the interior and exterior of the Rally Fighter with the designation of a Champion in its first ever interior contest. Let's get this straight and clear:

1) The community voted Sangho Kim's car as a fantastic concept.

2) Sangho, the community, and LM took that inspiration and developed the Rally Fighter.

3) Local Motors is developing the Rally Fighter according to that design.

4) The Community has developed body refinements, taillights, front grill, headlights, colors, wheel choice, engine ideas, side vents, and so much more. Now in a momentous step forward, the community has competed outright in a contest to design an interior for the Rally Fighter. The goal of this contest was not only to meet the inspiration requirement but also to achieve the cost and buildability needs to get the Rally Fighter to market on time and on budget.

The result was a sketch of carefully balanced proportions and materials to meet all of the deliverables and to steal the community's heart away for an interior.

(Mihai Panaitescu's InteriorCONCEPT for the LM Rally Fighter)

This was fast, this was intergral, this was the right way to choose a great design, and this was a first. FIRST.

Bravo LM'rs worldwide. You should be most proud.

Congratulations Mihai, NimCo, Y-One and all of the other participants. You have made history.