Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Live LM Broadcast and Chat is a Success!

On Friday, as announced, we hosted our first live broadcast and community chat via our LM TV channel. A 45 minute session dedicated to the following:

- LM itself
- The LM Community and its roots
- The Rally Fighter
- Our facility (aka micro-factory) progress
- Q&A with the worldwide audience

Though we missed recording the first minute of the broadcast due to technical difficulties, the rest is captured here for posterity and review. Many gems are held herein, and if you missed it, I recommend you carve out some time over a lunch to watch this and to learn more about what we have done, are doing, and will do....After all this is one of America's most exciting new Companies and Products :)

Enjoy, and try to forgive the somewhat "stiff" commentator (yours truly) - I am working on my style and promise to make improvements!

Thank you especially to all those who took the time out to join us and to ask questions and share thoughts.

Stay Tuned, we will be back with Episode 2 in short order.


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