Sunday, February 1, 2009

There must be something Local in the water

(Boston Globe - Courtesy of Local Motors)

LM has been in the talk of the town in New England 5 times this weekend.

In specific, we have been in five major news properties in the local area in the past 24 hrs and are most grateful for the kind and insightful coverage.

1st - The Providence Journal kicked off with a detailed and thoughtful piece written by Peter Elsworth.

2nd - The Boston Herald did a follow up to its Boston Motors piece, this time profiling the winning entry, the Bullet.

3rd - The Boston Globe (largest circulation paper in New England) ran a feature story in its Globe South section sharing the LM Dream with the Southcoast.

4th - WCVB and picked up the Herald story and are running it now on their website as a profile of a new "pothole buster" and car of the future for Boston.

5th - Our Super Bowl ad ran at half-time and was a huge....... just kidding on this one.

But seriously, this was a solid weekend of local news and shows the power of investing in your home town.

More to come no doubt, but please enjoy these articles, and for those of you that are local, use them as incentive to show up at our shop anytime. I'll give you the tour myself.