Monday, February 2, 2009

A shout out to the LM Fans let's get the word out.

This weekend 3 articles came out that were notable:

1) Investors Business Daily : "Modeling the Ideal Carmaker"

2) Business Week: "Detroit Should Get Cracking on its Googlemobile"

3) Wall Street Journal: "Car-Industry Slump Imperils Role in Spurring Innovation"

Certainly, I recommend that you give them a read, but to me what is notable about them all is that they each assume that some things are sacred about the current auto industry and grope at its future with wild ideas about what a future car company might look like. They declare, not only how the industry's downturn will hurt innovation, but also they speak of it as if it were lost at sea and as if no one is out there trying new things. Naturally, Local Motors is and has been working everyday on exactly what these articles seem to seek - innovation, low capital approach to the car market, and American manufacturing.

At the very same time that these articles above were running, Local Motors was profiled in the following 8 news sources (the first 4 I told you about yesterday, but wait...the list has grown):

1) in the Boston Globe
2) in the Boston Herald
3) in the Providence Journal
4) on
5) at the top of the AP local for Boston for an hour last night (picked up the Herald article)
6) on the Channel 5 news at 11pm
7) on
8) on Baja Racing News Live

So what is it about the national media that has kept them from hearing our story. I expect it is only a matter of time, but in the meantime, you could help America out by writing a note to these interested journalists and tell them a little about our Company. At least, tell them to check out our website, one of our three blogs, and to write me an email to me at

The Investors Busines Daily Article was written by:
Gary M. Stern who can be reached at

The Business Week Article was written by:

The Wall Street Journal article was written by:

Let's get the word out and start a more positive outlook and debate on alternative paths for the US Auto industry - paths that are already being trod.


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