Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quote of the month, "I have found my Facebook"

Today I was talking to J. David Weiss (aka "Designova"), an LM Community member, and friend to all of us. David went to school to be a designer at NC State and now lives in North Carolina freelancing as a designer.

We were talking because of the effort that he has recently put forth in writing the bulk of the competition description for the next LM contest, Carolina Motors. This is really an incredible story all on its own. 10 months ago, this entire concept of distributed and open car design was non-existant, and then LM broke on to the scene. We have run 9 competitions in that time, and have worked very hard to make sure that each one embodies a flavor and excitement for the area to which it pertains. With David's work for Carolina Motors, this marks the first time that a designer from our community has reached up into the very heart of our process and penned the very description that gives birth to our competitions. Check it out in Ari's Life Blog. Wow! Community members inciting community members. As a member of our community AND as a native, David's description is infinitely more connected and powerful than that of anyone who would write a more detached or academic piece on the location.

What's more, he even sourced some family photographs (those of his brother, Beau) to adorn the description that he has so carefully crafted.

(Topsail Island at Sunrise by Beau Weiss, NC Native)

(Near Tale of the Dragon in Wintertime by Beau Weiss, NC Native)

As David and I settled in to talk about his writing we quickly became distracted by the bigger goals of the community, and in passing David mentioned something magical that I have yet to hear. I am repeating it here because it is such a great sentiment. In short, he told me, "All of my friends use Facebook and other social media which I have yet to find worthwhile, but when I found Local Motors, I knew that I had discovered my own "Facebook".

Of course, this does not mean that LM's web community is a social media outlet, but rather that we offer a destination of choice and a friendly environment where people of all skills and nationalities can come together to learn and to contribute to the passion that consumes each one of them equally, CARS.

Bravo David. Good luck in receiving the kind of sensitivity and response that your community has come to be known for in this upcoming competition...."Carolina Motors, Here we come!"


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