Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little history close to home

A potential supplier of ours was asking me the other day about my family's history in Springfield, MA. I told him about the Indian Motorcycle Company and my Grandfather, and he asked me if I knew that the first gas-powered production car had taken to the road in the US in Springfield MA.

Not being sure of this, both he and I looked it up to double check the facts......Guess what? IT IS TRUE

The Duryea Brothers pulled this off in 1893 based on the Lenoir design. Ford did not put his car on the road until 3 years later in 1896 in Detroit.

It would naive to think that automotive alone is the only notable thing about Springfield. This gem of a town also called first home to many other notables: Basketball the sport, Milton Bradley, Kurt Russell, Dr. Seuss, the first National Armory, and so much more.

Springfield.....such an important town. Seems appropriate that cars and motorcycles started there, that my Grandfather's Company, Indian, was there, and that we at Local Motors are back in Massachusetts working to revitalize the auto industry.

(Charles Duryea,