Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ending the Tour in Cincinnati Ohio

Today we ended our whirlwind tour of Michigan and Ohio in Cincinnati at the school of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at UC talking to the Transportation Design Track. A cooperative program, the Trans Design Track is only five years old (first graduating class this year), but it is full of a very robust and well-trained student body each of which who has fulfilled at least 5 cooperative education quarters at a corporation.

We spent 5 hours with the students and faculty talking about the ideas and execution behind Local Motors and the community. We only planned for an hour presentation, but given the length of time we spent, it was a popular time for all and necessary for us to spend that time answering the many questions they had about our Company.

We also had time to spend in the Senior Studio and to have a review of each of the Senior projects. Curtis, Lucas, Andrew, Ryan, Laura, Brad, Tom, Jonny, and Clay all had a collection of extensive senior projects which they were each gracious enough to share with us. We were humbled and amazed by there depth of craftsmanship.

I think that if there were ever a school which we would want to return to year after year, this program who qualify.

Bravo UC!

Go Local!


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