Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on fighting the Machine

This weekend Susannah and I went to see Valkyrie, the new movie about
rebellion within Hitler's inner circle. The movie had received a
healthy dose of criticism, but we went to see it almost because of
that and came away very rewarded.

This tale (and even the telling of this tale) reminded me of the
loneliness of fighting the powers that be and the fortitude it takes
to maintain the fight.

At Local Motors, we often feel this way, that is to say, we feel as if
we are constantly fighting the power. Not the power of a competitor,
but rather the power of an entire industry and consumer base that has
only known one way of doing business.

I await the day that we can blow the cover off the industry and
reignite the passion for cars and car companies in America. We are
well on our way.

If you like passion for country and winning ideas from good-guys who
mean to change the world for the better, "don't listen to the crowd,
free your mind to live, go see Valkyrie, and buy a Rally Fighter!"

Go local!

What could be more fitting for Martin Luther King Junior Day?

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