Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some juicy details on LM's T/O

T/O = Table of Organization

The last month has been spent working on refining the finer and critically important points of our go-forward vision. Here are some of the wave tops that define the T/O at any given Local Motors Micro-Factory.

(Google Image Result for )

At each Local Motors Facility, you will be treated to 40 of the most motivated folks who help customers find their way into a life-altering experience and connection with their inner-car. Let's meet some of these 40 motivators:

Head Micro-Motorhead - Runs the joint, strong member of the community, great with taking and giving feedback, DRIVES A RALLY FIGHTER (By love and By choice), fearless leader of one of the small bastions of the new auto economy, Blogger, Micro-event hound, only drinks Micro-Brew, shops locally, Thinks Locally Acts Locally, Home town hero.

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Bean-Counter, Task Master, The Big Brain - Used to be known as Pinky's friend, this wrangler takes our precious customers and sets them up for success with their very own builder trainer (who is this?? on). The Big Brain has the attitude and knowledge of Tim the Toolman and the grace of the Jessie Combs, and she is your first touchpoint. You pay her for the right to be one of the few. We should charge more, but she won't let us.....says that it is unfair that our product and experience is simply unmatched. Hrmmph! oh and yes.....DRIVES A RALLY FIGHTER with Captain America plastered on the side.

(pinky_brain.gif (GIF Image, 327x330 pixels) )

(Jessi_Combs003.JPG (JPEG Image, 640x480 pixels)

Your Builder Trainer - Your Barber, your Drill Sergeant, your Shaman, your key to a world of automotive freedom and wonder. You will receive your first contact after getting hooked up by the Brain, and this mentor is your ticket. Listen to him and in a short time he will help deliver your car. He will also service it when you need him, and he will happily take your newest best friends for a ride and seel them into the club when they come a' calling. COOLEST RALLY FIGHTER ON THE BLOCK.


(060808_drillsergeants_500.JPG (JPEG Image, 500x746 pixels) - Scaled (83%) )

Shop-Boss - Sounds like organized crime, but this crime-fighter is anything but. Perhaps the key to the magic, this crucial member of the team has recently moved to the area of the Micro-Factory from the Administrative HQ where he has spent time engineering one of the new LM products. This person is a 2-WAY STREET of info, a defender of design and a holder of the flame for the magic process that delivers an LM vehicle born of the community, affordable, on time, and with wicked-awesome performance. He is P-L-U-G-G-E-D in and demands to hear all feedback from you and your Builder Trainer. If there were ever a departure from the OEM way of doing business, it starts here. RALLY FIGHTER RACER, and TEAM ORGANIZER.

(lg_engineer _poster.jpg (JPEG Image, 576x757 pixels) - Scaled (82%) )

Shop Technician - Not rocket science, but rocket fuel. This engineer works for the Shop-Boss to put out fires...that allows the Boss to feel the heat from the flame but also to plan the attack. WORKING TO FINISH HIS RALLY FIGHTER.

(Note: In Honor of John Curry: We recently removed image of firefighter and hero, John Curry. It is not possible to honor John the way he deserves through this blog post. The highest honor we can grant is our recognition of his sacrifice and support of our firemen and servicemen who risk their lives on our behalf. Our respectful apologies for use of his picture without proper research. If you would like to read the story of John Curry, who passed in the line of duty, you can read it here. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.)

Cage-monkey - No, this is not a throw back to Extreme Cage fighting, nor is it something for Animal Rights activists to be concerned over, this blazing fast player is the one that preps the battlefield for your vehicle to be completed on time. A master of speed and process. Part of a Team of others just the same. They work together to move a mound of parts each week to the on-deck circle. OWNS A RALLY FIGHTER THAT LOOKS LIKE IT CAME OUT OF THUNDERDOME.

(Ford HP_Model_T_Assembly_Line.jpg (JPEG Image, 800x632 pixels) - Scaled (98%) )

Matisse and Picasso- These wrappers are coatings masters who run the personalization wing of this jumping joint. Stand back and watch them work magic. They help you leverage the magic of the design community, and once your LM creation is designed, they PUT IT ON YOUR CAR. OHMIGOODNESSSSSS!!! If you think BMW's art cars were something else....TRY THEIR RALLY FIGHTERS. WATCH OUT NYC MOMA.

(Mootisse and Pigasso - Google Image Search )

Vulcan - This is a member of the team that joins steel with fire. True much of our LM vehicles are made of advanced lightweight materials, but never fear there is also a good dose of steel to tie things togther. Visors down FLAME ON! THEY HAVE HOOKED MILLERMATIC's TO THE BACK OF THEIR RALLY FIGHTERS.

(Hephaestus-1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1152x864 pixels) - Scaled (72%) )

Shipping and Receiving - Like Raymond Babbitt of Rain Man fame, these folks know where things come from, where they are stored (for a little while only), and where they are off to (very soon). THEIR RALLY FIGHTERS SAY.....INVENTORY KILLER on the side. Ship it in Just in Time, move it out Right on Time.

(rain-man.jpg (JPEG Image, 237x176 pixels) )


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