Thursday, January 8, 2009

Local Rides the local wave!

Yesterday, I picked up the phone and the Industrial Arts Teacher at the local school was calling to say how cool it was that we even existed, AND better yet that we were in HIS TOWN. He had seen an article in one of the local Boston papers, and checked out our website only to find out that we were right nearby. He could barely contain his excitement saying that for years he had been working on a basic vehicle design class and to know that we were right in town was just so cool. We will certainly meet up for coffee and I have already invited him to bring his class to the HQ. Should be fun.

No sooner had I gotten off of that call when I received an email from one of the owners of a local printing press business in Plymouth, who said the following in her email,

My name is Bridgette, and myself and my husband own Powder Horn Press, Inc in Plymouth.
While surfing the net I can across your web page, I LOVE cars, I just wanted you wish you luck and congratulate you on your recent win.
Good Luck and I hope you can succeed in bringing something new to the market while being local.

My response: Thanks Brigette. We are working hard at it everyday. Go LOCAL! If we have printing needs, we will also keep Powder Horn in mind!

Her reply: That would be great, but I really am just excited to know you are there, I drive the most practical car in the world, but LOVE to dream.

Then right after that I received an email from another local business saying the following:

Dear Jay,
Good Afternoon. Happy New Year !! Saw a wonderful Write up on your Company on !!
We are a Local Specialty Printer since 1968. We worked with Solectria back in 1995. Remember Those MIT Grads that made the Solar Electric Cars??
Where I see the fit is at two levels. We are able to make small laser cut quantities of Graphic User Interfaces for the Dashboard and Engine areas. Also, We make Banners, Flags and Displays. Further, We can do wrap Graphic Designs for your Limited Quantitiy Vehicles.


It is events like this where you can see the warmth and connection of local businesses and organiziations with each other. I look forward to the day that these connections are being made with every Local Motors facility wherever they are.

Go Local