Thursday, January 22, 2009

A day in Lencois Paulista with LM

This morning I started the work day with the most uplifting conversation. I interviewed a candidate for our Design Intern position. This young man, a dedicated member of our community and respected honoree on our Wall of Fame, hails from a small town in the Brasilian countryside of the state of Sao Paolo.

(Scissor concept by Rodox - LM Community Member)

Sugarcane production abounds and surrounds his very home, and yet he dreams of joining a great car company. He attends a school in Brasil, but is largely self-taught in his trade.

(Lencois cane production)

When we started to discuss cars, design, and the LM community, he simply lit up in a way in which only passion can stoke a flame. We talked of great designers, hard decisions, good outcomes, bad outcomes, the struggle for design in Brazilian industry, good companies, people in US and Brazil, and on and on.

I have never been to Lencois Paulista, but I feel that we now have a friend and a connection there. The LM community has brought together so many folks from across the world and given them and us hope that automotive passion and creation is alive and well.

This is only the beginning of he community that we can achieve and the change we are creating for the better in the industry.

Go Brazil, Go Local, Go Lencois Paulista! What a morning.

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Rodox said...

John! What a gift for me to wakeup this morning and see that you really posted our conversation here on your blog! For me its a honor, had talked to you, to see my home town here on LM,and to be a part of Local motors community! Tnx for all, and for to put my city, lençóis paulista, on the map!
Bests for ya!