Monday, January 12, 2009

Chicago competition is heating up

Only 2 more days and the 9th LM competition will open for submission!

Chicago Motors is off to a very strong start with many many checkups flying around with Chicago on the brain.

Thanks to Tom O. Rascoll, our friend from Chicago, many have found some excellent inspiration for their Chicago style.

Nonetheless, before we go too far down the lane of Tom's shadowy memories (all of which greatly inspire me), I also wanted to make a plug for another side of the Second City, which leaves me equally inspired.

That is, of course, the architecture. As a simple but powerful example, Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple in Oak Park and his prairie style Robie House in the same neighborhood, are stalwart icons of American Architecture, and they ought to serve as very strong inspiration for almost any style of built design.

As a second example, further toward the lake is another icon which has already caught some of our designers' attentions, and that is the Santiago Calatrava's design for the Chicago Spire at Navy Pier. Though far afield of Wright's inspiration, this design speaks again to the majestic and ground-breaking spirit of Chicago as a city of industry and confidence.

So off to voting I will go with my notepad in hand and my expectiations high. Come next week, I greatly anticipate the submissions and the week of voting to follow. I may even reserve my top marks for one of Tom's more dark inspired vehicles, but before it got too late in the game, I thought I would make this pitch for Chicago's built landscape once more.

Go Local, and Go Chicago.