Sunday, January 25, 2009

#8 coming to a close, Come and have a look around

In about 48 hrs, Local Motors 8th Competition, Chicago Motors, will come to a close for voting.

In what has become something of a trend this competition is decidedly more exciting than the last in terms of participation, types of feedback, and general excitement. In the 83 entries submitted from across the world, Chicago Motors boasts the strongest field of competition yet. In fact, 4 previous winners are back with design entries to wow the crowd (Iman, Filski, Ugo, and Mihai). They cannot be too sure of themselves, however, because there are new entrants who have emerged ready to take on the challenges of any comer, winner or not.

Come check out the new battlefield of transportation design, where tradition meets lawlessness and great ideas abound.

Cast your vote, make your opinion known in comments and see what comes around.

Nothing is more exciting than engaging in your automotive future. We're already bringing the Rally Fighter to the Desert Racing scene. Whose vehicle design will be next? Will it be the one you like? That is up to you.

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