Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home Page Design Ideas

A brief post as we are still in the throws of Federal Application Paperwork!!

As mentioned in my post of December 14th, TopCoder is running our first ever homepage redesign mini-tournament and the results are impressive.

On the 19th, the early results from the first round came in and we chose 5 with which to send the registrants forward into the second round. Now all of the original registrants (whether they were one of the five or not) can work off of the winning designs to create their own version of the new Local Motors homepage.

Here they are (below) and here is the link to vote for them on our site.....Please vote and give any comments. That input will go a long way toward our achieving perfection! The next round of submissions closes on December 29th so get you votes in. If you vote and make comments on our site, then we will be sure to send along your feedback.