Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rob Burns and his surf legend - Local Motion

We are regularly asked, is there any connection between our company and Local Motion, the surf company out of Hawaii, and I have always maintained that, if anything, any relationship is merely tangential . That was, until last week when I had lucnch with a gentleman who shared his street address with Rob Burns that founder of Local Motion. He told us a story.....

As it turns out, Local Motion got its start when Rob went from door to door (rather beach to beach) to meet the Local crowd and to sell them on the idea that he shaped boards for the individual shape of the Local waves. How cool is that?! Shaping a board for local feel rather than buying one of the many cookie-cutter designs. Awesome!

Check out our early logo idea. It even played off of the name association and verisimilitude.

Sweet break dude. It is fun to know that there are businesses out there with a similar Local focus and ethos.