Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Reminder of why I started Local Motors

Tonight on this election night, while we are busy at SEMA trying hard
to build the next great American Car Company, I thought it appropriate
to remember where I began this journey, and to talk about how success
comes not from political leaders but more from individuals who strike
out to make a difference in their world.

Here is a picture of me in Iraq in 2004 where, as part of the Multi-
National Defense Force we were responsible for securing, training,
rebuilding, and stabilizing one of the most repressed Shia areas of
the country.

After my tour, I wanted to try to continue to make a difference and
felt that if I could make a change in the way in which we build,
consume, and service cars in America that we could make a meaningful
difference in many significant issues from global warming to
international policy.

Now 4 years later, the area in Iraq for which I was partly responsible
and over which my unit shed blood and tears has undergone a total
successful transformation AND Local Motors is a reality with a strong
international backing.

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