Friday, November 7, 2008

Only a matter of time - Welcome Company

Today two of our community members sent us word of a project that is setting up to debut on the web. Called "Project Splitwheel", founded by marketer and car enthusiast Piers Drake, this project is working in conjunction with Caterham Cars to bring a model into production for 2010.

The pitch is that a community of users will contribute to all/many of the major design decisions and that Caterham will then build this car for a global market.

They claim to be the first :)

We know better :))

However, it doesn't really matter who is first and who is second, in our view, there is more than enough room in the market for a couple of strong believers, so we welcome Project Splitwheel and cannot wait to see what their next step is.

Looks to us like a new generation of car producers is dawning.


waldezign said...

I think you and Splitwheel are both right: Catheram was a carmaker before organizing a design competition, whereas you LM guys organize design competition in order to become a carmaker...

Anonymous said...

What's of interest is that I had heard of crowdsourcing a long while back through my introduction to wiki software and explained it to some friends, some of which saw the benefit right away and some were not accepting of this method at all. There are many, many creative people out there and where automotive design and engineering is concerned, L-M and Splitwheel are just two immediate examples. I am sure many more sites and competitions will pop up whether it involves cars, furniture or beer making!

Unknown said...

Right when I read of this I immediately thought "Local-motors" lol.

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