Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Local Motors at SEMA - 4 Busy Days

Yesterday was a no blog day on the Vision Blog as I was travelling to
Las Vegas for the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
trade show.

Several of our team will be here this week looking at different trends
from both the exhibitors and the visitors.

Shows like this are long and hard and are not worth attending just
"for the fun of it". People are busy and focused and it is hardly a
time for great chitter-chatter. We, therefore, have a defined purpose
to achieve along a number of axes of effort. They are as follows:

- Observing marketing and product placement from within the industry.
This can tell us a good amount about where the customer mindset is and
what competition for mindshare, if any, we might be up against.

- Observing visitor reaction to products within our sectors of
lightweight, performance, off-road, coupe, advanced design, diesel,
buyer-built, and sustainable automotive.

- Making targeted (and ad hoc) supplier calls in areas where we could
still use value added suppliers or more depth. Some examples of this
might be in, engine management, seats, vinyl coverings, etc.

- Listening for news of any other companies in the area of
crowdsourced automotive. We believe they will come sooner or later and
we want to know where they are and how we can help each other. We
could view each other as competition but that would be more
destructive than helpful, and we want to be the first to react to such
companies and to create an atmosphere of collaboration.

These axes of effort are our main focus over the next 4 days, and we
are guaranteed to return with oodles of market information that will
help us to define our course for the next year.

Stay Tuned,

Much to follow.