Friday, November 21, 2008

In Mexico

We are here for our first Baja 1000!

We drove down many wrong streets in dark Ensenada tonight, but we
finally found our encampment and we are so excited to be here.

Tomorrow the race begins.

Thanks to the Froghorn team for helping us. I will upload soon another
post with a picture of their car.

Go Local Baja!


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Rona Wedmore said...

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Henery said...

We are here for our first Baja 1000! We drove to several wrong streets in the dark Ensenada tonight, but finally found our camp and were thrilled to be here. Tomorrow the race begins. We met some developers from Philippines for them. Thanks to the Foghorn team for our help. I will be posting another post soon with a picture of their car. That’s all the information given there and there is nothing else for us to know what this is all about now. You can watch and learn from us here.

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