Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Local Motors Community Get Together!!

That's right folks, we hit San Francisco by storm: the team, the community, investors, enthusiasts, Academy of Art, Thai spice. Wow! A first real touchpoint with the global team who makes Local Motors come to life.

Thank you for all those who drove so far and for those who cleared their schedules to be with us today. We spent the afternoon from 12pm to 5pm at the Academy of Art San Francisco talking and answering questions about the Company and the Rally Fighter. What a treat for us! The crowd of folks, who gathered to hear what we had to say, listened carefully, then gave us great questions to answer, and finally gathered around the model and the presentation boards to learn everything they could about Local Motors.

Next one of the teachers and a great organizer, Max S., gave us the entire tour of the school which is housed in an old Porsche dealership and service center.

What an amazing school! Vibrant students, engaged instructors, supportive administrators, and a very forward thinking physical plant. There is clearly a bright future for Academy of Art San Francisco in the pantheon of new American Transportation Design Schools.

Later on at 7pm we gathered at the Local restaurant Thai Spice where several other members of the community came to join us for dinner. 20 of us in attendance and so much to talk about because of our shared history. It was like meeting with a group of old friends...and a couple of new ones too. See you all on the site for the Boston Competition.