Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another big day on the road

Starting at LK Motorsports to see Langley Kersenboom and his prize winning Green Rod from Factory Five,

(LK and Factory Five Green Rod with Assisted Energy Powerplant)

on to Five Axis to Troy Sumitomo and Neville's Ohm's creation of the next level prototyping shop,

(Five xis Scion xD cGaming Concept)

then off to Cerritos College to see one of the local Community College retraining centers and Bob and Len's creation of a next generation dune buggy made with a soy based resin in the skin,
followed by a quick pass through of the new Advanced Technical Education Park where LA trains everything from 4 methods of rapid prototyping to more traditional methods of model making in clay and vacuum form,

(ATEP - Tustin, CA)

and finally back up to Pasadena to meet an intimate crowd of our community for dinner at Gordon Biersch in Pasadena.

(Gordon Biersch in Pasadena)

This has been a fantastically busy but rewarding day on the road,

Tomorrow we are off to Art Center College of Design to have a day mingling with designers from that great school and to talk about LM some more, before we take off for Baja to see the start of the 1000!

Now time to check in on the news of the world, I wonder what has happened today in the automotive bailout world, and how the rest of American Automotive is progressing while we are hard at work. There is so much exciting work to be done, and I feel so lucky to be in business at this time in history.

Great Days, Fast Times, Go Local!

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