Monday, November 17, 2008

3,756 miles down today and tomorrow we have our first Community Networking Event

What a day it was!

25 hours ago, I awoke at 0300 in Marion, kissed the family and headed out.

From Boston, I flew to Los Angeles via Charlotte, NC. Once in LA, I met Ari and we hopped in the car. After driving through the raging wildfires throwing smoke and ash everywhere, we arrived at Automotive Technology Group (ATG) to pick up our latest clay model.

We then drove to Pasadena, to pick up Aurel, who had spent the week with Ben working on presentation materials. We briefly visited Ben's Pasadena home studio, and then together the three of us hopped into the car and drove the 370miles north to San Francisco.

3,756 mile day.


But the miles seem like nothing compare to the magnitude of the event tomorrow. Starting at 1200, Local Motors will be presenting at the Academy of Art San Francisco, where we have a number of dedicated community members. Then later tomorrow evening, we will be taking our local community members out to a restaurant for our first networking event.

For a Company that started building a community on the internet, meeting some of our community face to face along with a model of the Rally Fighter to which they contributed, is a dream come true.

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