Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Visit to Penske Auto Mall - Inskip in Warwick RI

Today I had the good fortune to spend the afternoon with the head of the Mercedes dealership at the Inskip Auto Mall, Bert O'Neal. Bert and his crew have been invaluable in providing Local Motors with class leading service in a very non-traditional fashion for them. We have asked them to help us access supply to certain parts of the Rally Fighter from their OEM. Normally, such support would appear taxing and of litle worth, so many dealers might have overlooked our request, but to Bert, our request was not only profit making for him, but also the chance to form an even more profitable future relationship.

We thank you Inskip for supporting Local Motors as a preferred partner and in exchange we have listed you as one of ours. We look forward to doing much business in the future.


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