Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A puck, many carrots and Local-Motors... (Guest Blogger)

Fans of LM, tonight, I tip my hat and hand the mic to one of our team who has just joined us at LM HQ. Aurelien François, as announced in the post on October 5th, 2008, is the first community member to join the LM team, and tonight he greets the Community in a letter from the heart.

Friends of LM, I give you, Aurelien François......

First, I would like to say hello to the whole community. I already spent nearly 2 weeks in Wareham MA within the LM team and even if that is not enough to be fully efficient, that is enough to know that a great adventure is going on.

Before I talk about the future, please let me go back approximatively one year before. It was the time of my last defence at school, in front of a jury on occasion of my graduation day. A lot of things to say in such a short time ! (I am sure that most of the LM members know what I am talking about). I presented my main projects, the way I worked on them (alone or in a team) and finally I elaborated about my aims, my vision and my motto : "Go where the puck is going to be". Thankfully, nobody asked me where this holy puck was going to be, because I realized in that I was not yet able to answer.

One year later, the world is changing, the puck is moving quickly and everything is about ecology, economic crisis, oil rarifaction,... What a world ! In such a context, OEMs are under pressure and aim to reduce drastically the energy consumption of their models within the coming years (the marketing departments already make us think the current cars only breathe out pure air!). I agree we need to take care of the Earth and take up new challenges quickly however, I am wondering if people work better under the stick or the carrot? As many (young) designers and engineers are, I am led by passion, this is my carrot, and I hope I will be able (allowed!?) to keep working in this way during my career. I am not convinced, therefore that the stick is as effective.

Concerning Local Motors, beyond the crowd-sourcing concept that it has applied to the automotive craft industry, this company also opened some months ago a new window, a kind of bridge between the optimistic pioneering spirit of the end of the XIXth century, the modern mediums of communication, and our future needs and expectations... all without loosing passion.

For all those reasons in addition to growing the LM community, I believe that day after day we are building our own ability to "go where the puck is going to be". I would simply wish the same destiny to every company.

As always, Go Local.

Aurel. (