Monday, October 27, 2008

One Day left in Hawaii Motors

Koa warriors and Enthusiasts alike, Tuesday is the last day of voting for your favorite entries in the Hawaii competition. Come to the Local Motors site to make your preference known. This is by far the most engaging and exciting competition that we have held to date in the community. Sometimes groups and sites can claim such records each time because they are always growing, but in this case it is not only that LM is growing but also because of the enthusiasm that has been shown by those dedicated to the auto culture in Hawai'i.

You fans have invigorated this competition with an air of seriousness and puposefulness that has substantially improved the designs of many in this field of competition.

Take a look and judge for yourself. If you have ever been to the Islands, you might find something that would have resonated with you. If you live there now....well, this is yours to OWN!

Here are a few teasers.....

By msmcardesign

By Stemider1982

By rizv


By Goodrich

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