Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Vehicle in the Local Motorhead family

With three children now, the time has come to make room for a little more carrying capacity in Dad's we have brought a new auto into the family, until the Rally Fighter is available.

Tonight Susannah and I and the boys picked it up. It was made in 1994 and was owned by a gentleman in Cohasset MA. Needs a little work, but that is what any Local Motorhead loves.

What did we decide on? perhaps you might ask. Well it was a tough decision. I wanted something that stoked the imagination and fed the soul. I wanted something also that could be handed down to my children and be appreciated. Susannah wanted something that was pratical to house the family, and that was beautiful and enjoyable. We both wanted something that fit within the LM family ethos of car nuts.

So here is a clue about what's under the hood:

Perhaps the most sought after and definitely the lowest volume BMW engine ever made. By mixing around the order of the characters in the engine's code you get 7S056B. The company only made 1510 of them of which only a small percentage showed up in the US. Can you make a guess as to this newest member of the Rogers' family?

If you come to the LM HQ ever, you shall have a great look at it and are welcome to drive it.



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