Friday, October 24, 2008

Coatings to the next level

Today I was parked at a Starbucks trying to get my 5 month old son out of the back of our rental car when the door bumped into the side of the Lexus parked next to me.

Before I knew it, the woman in the Lexus was out wrassling up her husband from inside the S'Bux and seething with contempt that our rental car had tapped her Lexus. No mark was made, but she was so SOOOOOO UPSET.

You might think I would have been upset at her, but actually, no, quite the opposite. I took this event as yet another in a long string of opportunities to prove to myself and to my wife that painting a car is an exercise in embedded futility and frustration.

Paint gives you the following:

good looks (+)
100+lbs more weight (-)
fear of a scratch (-)
expense to care for (-)
environmental impact (-)
increased expense by $5000-$10,000 (-)

So you have to ask yourself, "Is the positive aspect of such a habit worth all of the negatives?"

What if you could do coatings another way? Well you can. Vinyl decals have been around for a number of years now (you see them on the side of advertising trucks and buses and in race cars) and they are beginning to catch on.

One company has taken a new twist to the market. Don't just replace the basic color with a vinyl decal but bring in an artist to spice it up. San Francisco based Infectious, founded by Eric Roberts, one of the founding members of Twitter, has taken to making coatings with a twist.

Web 2.0 meets car graphics. Infectious hosts competitions and open calls for design, and then they sell designs to people who want that extra something for their car, while paying an artist royalty to the designer. Pretty cool.

Check 'em:




Ari said...

Did you see this?! "It all began with a gorgeous ass."

Funny guys - great idea. I love that part of Tim's inspiration was the thrill these decals gave to passerbys.

Unknown said...

A lot of things begin with a gorgeous ass ;) That's funny.

But Jay, you're right on.

My absolute favorite designs in this area are from the innovative artists at Wings West:

(Note: their home page is the absolute worst, anti-community home page ever. But their work is phenomenal.)

Their custom Acura RSX in a 2005 Import Tuner issue inspired me to get that car.

Robin Spinks said...

Oh my goodness, what a great idea - no paint. Plus I love the idea of creative designs. But then what is the base covering that keeps it from rusting?

Rebecca Virginia said...

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