Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Manhattan Motors Competition - Votes are in...and the WINNERS are....

1) Green Apple by eclips aka Julien Sarreméjean
2) Morphing Concept by LR aka Raphael Laurent
3) N.Y. Electric by piero aka Pierre Gimbergues

What a tight race it was, with these three finishing with scores within 0.134 of each other out of a scale of 5.

Congratulations are in order as these contestants rose to the top of a field of 47 complete and solid entries. For Julien, it is his second LM competition, and his first win. However, this marks the second time someone from his school, ISD Valenciennes, has stood atop the winners' podium. Wow, they must feed the students their Wheaties in the North of France.

(Green Apple)

For LR, this is his second competition also, and he has done his alma mater, IED Turin, proud with his extremely forward looking Morphing Concept. The fact the the community put him within 0.002 of a first place finish is a strong indication of the support for this project. I wonder where this idea can be taken from here?

(Morphing Concept)

Finally, for piero, this is his very first LM competition and he has placed on the podium with a concept targeted directly for women. Perhaps this means that we are gathering even more strong women voters on our site, but certainly it also means that his design had more universal appeal than just the gender specificity.

(N.Y. Electric)

Make sure to stop by each of these designer's entries and to congratulate them (They are linked at the top of this blog post). They, and ALL of the others, have worked hard.

Go Local! Go Manhattan!


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