Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kindred Spirits in open engineering- Bewerp and LM

For a little while now, a small group in the Netherlands who is building a 4 door, 4 Seat, supercar, has been sharing their development and build process.

Bewerp, the name of the Company, and The Savage, the name of the car, are the brainchild and creation of Emile Pop and Justin DeBoer, two Dutch designers who have been at work for 5 or so years developing the concept and now building.

From Local Motors, we give them 2 giant thumbs up for their persistence and pursuit of excellence in a niche which I have always felt deserves more attention - a supercar that has 4 legitimate seats.

I am, of course, curious what feedback or orders they received on the design from early buyers before they began to develop more seriously, but that would just be to satisfy my business curiosity. My personal curiosity is sated in the fact that these two have set out to do something grand and they are well on your way.

Thank you for sharing so many pictures of the build on your profile on our website. It is an inspiration to all and we at LM are looking for more bold folks like yourself to join our community.

I have included a few pictures in this LM blog here to pique readers interest, but those that wish to see more should go to Emile's profile on LM and take a close look.


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