Monday, September 1, 2008

The community transition from Talk to Touch

This past week, community member, Bosnian citizen, and Boston resident, ADIS, made a hajj to Local Motors HQ. To some this may have just been a physical embodiment of a visit to our website, but for us the physical difference was unmistakable. The electricity of this community member's visit was tangible to all on the team, and it is that effect that will always define the importance of making the physical connection out of the web-based community. Real enthusiasts, real products, fantastic connection.

Just read what ADIS posted on the LM site shortly after his visit:

HELLO JAY :) UNFORTUNATELY i m still without internet connection and waiting for verizon to save me:)I m using my friends computer. I just wanna thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit the LOCAL MOtors team.It was really the honor talking to you and meeting the whole crew at LM headquarter.You showed me everything from company vision ,philosophy,goals and the whole design process of making the very first car Rally Fighter.I just wanna tell the all LM comunity members that LM rally fighter is not a vision any more its not a dream it has become an reality !! I saw it with my own eyes.It is something i've never seen before it is LM reality :)One more time i wanna thank you JAY for giving me your time and showing me everything that i always wanted to know about Local Motors.And i wanna thank the all members and designers around the world who are making Local Motors being what it is today " it will become one of the best car design company in US,and soon around the world."Its all because you guys are making this POSSIBLE!!:) THANK YOU JAY

'nough said. LM is all about LOCAL presence, and customer interaction. This is our strategic difference with major auto producers. If ADIS is any indication, we are off to the right start.

Keep an eye out for pictures of ADIS' visit coming up in the next couple of days.


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