Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to Michael Hill - The Newest LM Team Member

Hailing from Amarillo, TX on the high Llano Estacado, Michael arrived today as the newest member of the LM team and a significant addition to the Web 2.0 phalanx that Tim has built at LM.

A self-taught and self-avowed lover of the MySQL and PHP in addition to a host of other skills, Michael is an organized and hard charging ball of web-development fire. How could he not be? After all, he served honorably in the US Navy for several years as an able-bodied seaman.

With a love for Drum Corps International and BBQ, Michael is a fantastic addition to the team whose talents and interests offer just the kind of diversity for which each member of the LM team has become known.

When you see him on line, don't be afraid to say hello and to wish him well. We are proud to have him aboard.

Go Local.


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