Thursday, August 21, 2008

TSCO Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno Race

Tonight, Dave, Mike, and I finally arrived at our first Desert Race,
and leave it to us to pick the most grueling and challenging one of all.

No, we are not competing this year, but we are hear to soak up
everything that we can.

Though Vegas and its blinking lights looms all around, the focus is on
racing and we are FIRED UP to be here and to be part of it.

In about 24 hrs we will all suit up for a 500 mile trip north across
the desert.

Stand by for updates from the course.


marko said...

I could pitch the townhouse to a companion who had dependably begrudged the place, and was incidentally searching for another cushion. By Friday evening I wound up sitting on a plane departing from phoenix, AZ for Salt Lake City, UT.

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